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Spoon & Cork offers boutique catering, wine tastings, cooking lessons and personal chef services to the Tri-State Area. With a commitment to seasonal and sustainable ingredients, delicious wines and exceptional service, we create custom events to suit every party and every palate. Whether you'd like to host an intimate dinner party, take your wine knowledge to the next level, or come home to a fridge full of healthy, stress-free meals, we're here to help. Please check out our individual pages to learn more about the services Spoon & Cork offers.

What Our Clients Are Saying
About Spoon & Cork

"What a fun evening! This was a great class, well organized, informative, and delicious. It took a subject that can be intimidating and turned it into an adventure."

Kathy Weldon Vice President, Marketing, Allianz Global Investors Capital

"I enjoyed the presentation immensely. Kimberly's discussions of the wines and their interactions with the foods were informative and interesting; she held my attention for the entire time and answered questions well and completely. The dishes were absolutely delicious and the wine pairings were terrific and illustrated Kimberly's points perfectly."

John McGlinchey

"Kimberly was smart, charismatic and approachable. I learned a lot in those two hours and am excited to come back."

Chris Rainville

"Thank you for creating delicious food and drinks for my guests. Everyone raved, and I was able to enjoy my own party because you took care of everything!"

Joan Froehlich

"We thoroughly enjoyed our experience at the event. We've been to a few wine tasting classes in the past, but this is the first time that the information resonated and made sense to us. No doubt this is due to the great presentation - visually clear, thorough and not too overwhelming; and made accessible and fun by Kimberly. Also, it was a great selection of wines and their pairings - delicious all around."

Miranda & Massimo Biolcati


Intimate dinners, festive cocktail soirees, baby showers, leisurely brunches - we do it all here at Spoon & Cork! Using the very best ingredients the Garden State has to offer, we custom create menus that are fresh, seasonal, delicious and personally tailored to your party or event.

The menus below are examples of what Spoon & Cork can offer, however we work with each client to fully customize a menu to suit their tastes and budget. Please email or call to request a full catalogue of menu options.

Beverage Consulting

Life's too short to drink bad booze! Spoon & Cork will fully customize a unique, delicious and trend-savvy beverage program to match your restaurant concept and clientele.

Wine Consulting

Let Spoon & Cork design a diverse, profit-driven wine list customized to your restaurant's style of cuisine and to the particular tastes of your guests. Drawing on classics, cult favorites, and up-and-coming trends, Spoon & Cork creates compelling wine list to increase wine sales and to set your restaurant apart from the competition.

Further maximize your profits by empowering your staff to sell wine with confidence. Spoon & Cork offers accessible and fun training sessions to educate your staff on the general principles of wine, the finer points of wine and food pairing, upselling techniques and professional wine service.

Cocktail Consulting

Increase your bar business by offering a custom-designed lineup of delicious and original cocktails featuring fresh ingredients, professional techniques and on-trend spirits. Whether your establishment focuses on elegant, leisurely meals or a fast-paced, energetic bar scene, Spoon & Cork will customize a menu of well-balanced, cutting edge cocktails to elevate your bar offerings and delight your guests.

Spoon & Cork offers staff training sessions to educate your bar staff on spirits, mixology techniques and efficiency. As part of our consultation services, we will create a recipe guide for your bar staff to ensure consistency in service and cost management.

Wine Tastings

Entertain clients, host a festive wine and cheese pairing party or simply learn more about wine in the comfort of your own home. Whether you'd like to explore the basics of wine, taste your way through the regions of Spain, or master the principles of wine and food pairing, Spoon & Cork can help. With energy and expertise, we aim to take the pretense out of wine tasting and show you just how fun learning about the world of wine can be. Our accessible, plain-language classes and events will have you tasting and talking like a pro in no time.

Sample Wine Classes and Events

Wine Fundamentals

Using the building blocks of weight, intensity, acidity, sweetness and tannin, we'll teach you the basics of wine, how to speak like a Sommelier, and how to identify the wines that most appeal to your palate. We'll taste through a range of wine styles as we talk about the grapes, climate and winemaking techniques that make each wine unique. Most importantly, you'll leave with a thorough understanding of how to find more of what you like to drink.

Wine & Food Pairing Essentials

Choosing wine to accompany your meals should be fun, not scary! We'll teach you how to choose the perfect wine to accompany any meal, and how to avoid those oh-so-scary wine pairing pitfalls. We'll demonstrate the chemistry of pairing in this fun and interactive class as we lead you through a series of tasting 'experiments' to figure out what works, what doesn't and why.

The Wine & Cheese of Spain
(Or France, Italy, USA, etc.)

Spainsh wine is quickly gaining popularity among wine lovers, and it's easy to see why. With a dizzying array of wine styles that include sparklers, whites, reds, rosés (and sherries!), there's lots to learn and lots to love. We'll serve these wines alongside an array of Spanish cheeses and charcuterie to illustrate what perfect partners they can make. In this casual and informative workshop, we'll discuss the classic wines of Spain as well as a few more unusual and up-and-coming areas as we explore where these wines fit in to the basic principles of wine and food pairing.

Personal Chef Services

Dinnertime doesn't have to be stressful! Come home to a fridge full of healthy, well-balanced meals each week, featuring the freshest ingredients the Garden State has to offer. We work with each client to customize weekly menus to suit your tastes, budget and dietary restrictions.

Cooking Classes

Learn to cook in the comfort of your own home! Explore the finer points of French pastry, create cocktails and tapas for a girl's night in, or simply learn to prepare quick and easy weeknight meals. A sampling of our most popular cooking classes are below, but Spoon & Cork can fully customize a class to suit your tastes and budget.

Classes Available

  • Fast and Healthy Weeknight Meals
  • Cocktails and Small Bites
  • A Regional Tour of Italy
  • Cookies, Cupcakes and Brownies
  • Fundamental Techniques: Roasting, Sautéeing and Braising